Monday, February 17, 2014

If you happen to be one of those fortunate who were  bitten by the travel bug, I'm sure at some point you may have considered taking to the road and travelling full-time.

There are many excellent travel blogs out there of people downsizing to nothing more than a backpack or two and travelling across the world. This is usually around Africa, Asia where hostelling and cheap accommodation makes it possible along with volunteering and couch surfing.

But what about backpacking across America and Canada. These countries have beautiful national parks and untouched gorgeous landscapes. The great distances and high dependence on personal transportation to make this achievable has resorted into a growing trend of people selling their homes and taking to the road full time by moving into an RV.

RVing is nothing new and has been around for decades. The fact is you cannot really be as mobile as you'd like in a conventional RV. While the class A and class C motor-homes provide the added comfort, class B motor-homes are now a growing trend as they are roughly the size of a large van with a scaled down version of the usual amenities. People are even modifying their regular full size vans to have the basic amenities; kitchen, bathroom and a bed.

There are lot of resources floating around YouTube for Van-dwelling and living full-time in an RV. However there is than a handful of really good quality channels out there.

Here are, in my opinion, the top urban boondocking channels that I came upon and follow regularly. They are very informative and are a source of inspiration to those who suffer from wanderlust.

Nomadic Fanatic - Eric Jacobs
YouTube Channel:

Eric's Nomadic Fanatic channel is relatively new and is definitely one of the favourites out there. He shares his life in his 1983 Ford Tioga class C motor-home and is quite an interesting person with an operatic side to him. Eric is a boon-docker and shares his experience and tips living in parking lots, at truck stops, state parks e.t.c.

Christian and Aly - Hipster Gypsies
You-tube Channel:

Christian and Aly are a fun loving couple who describe themselves as modern-day gypsies. They share their life on the road in their high-tech 21 foot 1998 Winnebago Rialta motorhome

Chris Travels 

You-tube Channel:

Chris Penn who followed his travel dreams and shares his experience living in a 1990 Dodge explorer Class B motor-home. Chris enjoys fishing and has driven up to Alaska for that dream catch.

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  1. where has Nomadic Fanatic gone. Despite various net posts as to a new channel on YouTube I cannot find it. Can somebody help here?